Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wasatch Back Ragnar - June 15-16

The weekend after my marathon I ran in the Wasatch Back Ragnar race.  It was so much fun and I met a lot of really fun people!  Go J.E.D.I's

All finished!

Van 1 (Day 1 before the start - don't we all look so nice and clean here)

Utah Valley Marathon

July 9 I finished my second full marathon!  I got a little sick during the race and got a little dehydrated, but it was a blast!!
I had no idea my medal was backwards in this picture... whoops

Since I didn't have many pics from the race and am too cheap to buy the professional ones, I snagged this from their website...hehe

Lexi's Birthday!!

Our little Lexi turned 3 on March 28th!!


Easter was a lot of fun this year. Lexi is the perfect age to make everything so fun. She loved learning all about the Easter Bunny and huntung for eggs.


We went to the cabin in April.  It was a really fun, relaxing trip.  The kids had so much fun fishing and Lexi caught her first fish!  This video is hilarious, it shows Lexi bringing in her fish and her reaction to it once she sees it out of the water.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Things are crazy as ever over at the Garlock house :) We are moving from our house- but not far. We are hoping to stay in Bountiful - I'll update more on that later. As for us:

John has moved back to Clearfield to run a home up there and is enjoying being back and the 10 minute less commute. He only has two classes left to finish his bachelors and will immediately begin his masters program after that. He is still teaching elders quorum and loving that calling. I signed him up to run the Utah Valley Marathon with me in June, so that's keeping him busy too :)

Ellie turned 12 last month. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!! She started Young Womens and will start middle school next year. She is still taking piano and makes continual progress there and I keep her busy with the two little girls. It's nice to have a built in babysitter now that she's 12 :) She loves her little sisters.

Josh turned 9 last month. He is still keeping busy with swimming, basketball and scouts. He also likes to step up and help with his little sisters.

Lexi is as busy as a 2 year old can get. She is into everything and brings her little spicy attitude with her at all times. I have no idea where she gets that from!! She is so entertaining and quite the little jokester... she keeps us all laughing.

And our little Presley - just as sweet as they come. I definitely deserved a calm one after my little firecracker, Lexi. :) Presley is amazing and we all have fun loving up on her.

As for me - I can't believe people can handle having more than 4 kids :) It's crazy with my older kids activity schedule and running after my little girls, it all definitely keeps me on my toes. I recently got called to scouts to be a den leader and that has been really fun getting to know the sisters from the other wards in my stake and to spend time with the boys. I'm still running a lot and training for the UV marathon in June. As I said earlier, I signed John up to run it with me so I'm looking forward to that.

So, you can see, we've had some big changes... new baby, moving... I can't wait to see what the next few months hold for us.

Baby Presley - October 30, 2011

I have got to find more time to update! Our little Presley is already 4 months old! Here is a quick recap on our newest.
I woke up on the morning of October 30th with very bad contractions and immediately flew to the hospital, fearful of another precipitous birth like Lexi. I was lucky and was able to get an epidural this time and had her 7 hours later. She weighed in at 5 lbs. 11 oz. Very small compared to my normal 8 lbers :) At first I thought something was wrong because she was so little, but she is as healthy as ever and now at 4 months, still only weighs a little over 10 lbs.
She is such a sweet and mellow baby and we are all so in love with her. Lexi just loves her little sister and insists that she is all hers. I am so glad Lexi was able to transition well considering her strong personality. :